Consulting Services

Facility Audits

Raconteurs conducts site visits to determine which sports, age levels and density your sales effort should focus on and why. We take a hard look at how current facilities can be modified or improved to make them more productive. If your destination is considering new facilities, we’ll evaluate what sports in your region will produce an increase in room nights and explain why.

Strategic Planning

We have executed and penned many strategic plans for a variety of organizations, including destination marketing organizations, sports commissions, events, non-profits, and sports products, throughout the years. Our planning sessions focus on overall annual development and the tools and tactics needed to reach those measurable goals. Our experience in the sports events and tourism industries can benefit your destination’s future development.

Economic Impact

Our team can assist in any or all phases of planning your event. We help clients develop and/or review operations plans, identify risks and issues to set up strategies and craft or update budgets including required resources. If needed, we can act as your workforce on the ground to deliver a smooth, well-managed event that leaves a legacy within your destination.

Advertising & Marketing

With well over 23 years of experience in the sports events and tourism industries, our accumulated knowledge can assist your organization in the development of your marketing plan and its specific advertising elements. We’ll discuss the types of media to consider, how to evaluate circulation and timing of media buys and decide upon the best scenario for your sales approach. Additionally, we’ll review and recommend direction for your creative content.

Association Management

As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention.” The Sunshine Sports Council (SSC) was formed in response to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, as Florida’s sports tourism network needed a forum for communication, sharing, and outreach. Raconteurs offers the SSC association services and solutions for the Council’s input and consideration. This often includes customer service, administrative assistance, management solutions, and strategic guidance. The Advisory Council and it’s various Committees guide the Council’s activities. For more information, click here.

I have worked with the Raconteurs team since 1998 as their knowledge of the sports events and tourism industries have proven to be successful for my companies and clients we cater to such as Red Bull, the X Games, Polaris, and the USA Crits Series among others. They have an eye for matching events with facilities that make sense from a marketing and operational standpoint. I’ve always been impressed with their ability and willingness to act as a reference for their colleagues; they’re subject matter experts that are second to none.

Ravi Rajcoomar

Principal, Consortium Worldwide