(August 4, 2020, Saint Augustine Beach, Florida) EventConnect has hired Raconteurs and Matt Dunn to join a new Event Solutions Team along with industry veterans Glen Schorr, Hank Pivarnik, and Robin Wright. EventConnect provides event and sports tourism management software.

“It’s our highest priority to increase our bench strength with diverse expertise that will focus on building strong relationships with our partners through the consultation and implementation of the best service and technology solutions for our industry,” said EventConnect President and CEO Jason Parker.

The team will work with Event Rights Owners, Destinations, Hotels and Facilities in an advisory capacity. By combining their industry experience with their knowledge of the EventConnect platform, each advisor will assist in building custom solutions that will meet the specific needs of each partner.

EventConnect works with more than 4,000 events and 15,000 hotels in over 800 cities across North America. The new team will work with event organizers, destinations, and hotels, plus facilities in advisory capacities.

“With the ever-changing world of Sports Tourism, comes the need for each stakeholder to challenge how they do business. We’re thrilled to have Schorr, Pivarnik, Wright and Dunn’s experience and ability to analyze each situation to recommend solutions that are aligned with each partner’s goals,” Parker said.

The Team will be rekindling their contacts at the Sports ETA – SportsBIZ XChange throughout the month of August. Please feel free to reach out to the team or any specific member by using this link: https://eventconnect.io/event- solutions-team/


About EventConnect

EventConnect is the only event management software in the Sports Tourism industry that connects thousands of partners on one platform. Working with more than 4,000 events, 15,000 hotels in over 800 cities across North America, we have built a platform that truly makes the experience better for everyone. Core principles of the platform are to create efficiency while increasing value, EventConnect helps sports organizations reduce time spent on administrative tasks and increase time delivering amazing experiences to all participants. The powerful technology platform is customized for each partner’s needs and is easy for organizers and participants to use. Learn more at: www.eventconnect.io/corp, facebook.com/eventconnect; twitter.com/@eventconnect.

About Raconteurs

Raconteurs, based in St. Augustine Beach, Florida, is an international, advisory firm specializing in organizational relevancy and influencing positive change for businesses in the sports events and tourism industries. Our team helps clients become extremely relevant to their industry, and the markets they serve, by demonstrating a series of core values.

Raconteurs takes a holistic approach to storytelling. It is an approach in which strategic planning and partnerships, branding, creative design, marketing plans, media relations and event sales and management all work together to promote a relevant voice. These services, together under one roof, offers our clients the tools and tactics required to see their organizations not just expand, but prosper.